जनवरी 2020
अंक - 56 | कुल अंक - 61
प्रज्ञा प्रकाशन, सांचोर द्वारा प्रकाशित

प्रधान संपादक : के.पी. 'अनमोल'
संस्थापक एवं संपादक: प्रीति 'अज्ञात'
तकनीकी संपादक : मोहम्मद इमरान खान


Diya, our youngest poet is only in class 9th and loves to rhyme with words. A budding writer among us! - Team Karmbhoomi




To my sister


To this angel I know
I cannot ever let go
Words cannot show my love
She stands high above

To this queen I know
She has so many talents to show
There is beauty in her eyes
Like the sun she’s gonna rise

To the one who always knew me right
Like the moon she shines bright
Flawless is her flaw
When I see her, I can’t get rid of the awes

This is to my sister
And all the times I’ve missed her
She is one of a kind
Too rare to find


To my best friend 
This is to my best friend
Well I thought I’d always call you that
I know things haven’t been great lately
Seems you and me are no longer we

Remember how much fun we had
Those memories make me so sad
We were nothing without each other
I miss calling you my sister

We dreamt of ruling the world together
We were more than just birds of a feather
With you life seemed a bit more better
The happiness I felt was greater

Remember how we wore matching rings
Guess those memories are dissolving
I wish I could borrow history
To bring back you and me

- दिया

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