जनवरी 2020
अंक - 56 | कुल अंक - 61
प्रज्ञा प्रकाशन, सांचोर द्वारा प्रकाशित

प्रधान संपादक : के.पी. 'अनमोल'
संस्थापक एवं संपादक: प्रीति 'अज्ञात'
तकनीकी संपादक : मोहम्मद इमरान खान


Vivan is here to defy the standard belief, that maturity is defined by age. At a tender age of 11, his expressions, through his writings, are a clear display of the composure that he holds in himself. - Team Karmbhoomi



I do not understand!


I do not understand, why we are scared of dying,

when in the hands of God, our future is lying.
Some people end their lives with a dismal sigh,
Trying to give up on life, is not something I want you to try.
The positive attitude of the Earth creates desire,
And before we know that, we are already a liar.
Why do we covet a materialistic life, full of worldly pleasures?
When after attaining salvation, we can get peaceful treasures.
The pull of this world is too strong for peace of mind,
In the embrace of divinity, deep gratification we will find.
I understand that we are sent for a purpose on this Earth, that needs to be fulfilled,
But all I mean to convey is that, we don't need to worry about being killed.

- विवान

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