जनवरी 2020
अंक - 56 | कुल अंक - 61
प्रज्ञा प्रकाशन, सांचोर द्वारा प्रकाशित

प्रधान संपादक : के.पी. 'अनमोल'
संस्थापक एवं संपादक: प्रीति 'अज्ञात'
तकनीकी संपादक : मोहम्मद इमरान खान


Vedanshi is a young teenager whose writings show that she is mature beyond her years. Poetry is her hobby and a way of expressing her feelings. Her poem expresses her anguish on the rape of young veterinarian. We see a bright future for our young Wordsworth. - Team Karmbhoomi

Call me A girl
You want my walk to be narrow 
Just like your mind 
So that you can call me a girl. 
You expect manner in my words 
That you don't find in yours 
So that you can call me a girl.
You want me to be covered in clothes 
But you don't hesitate to think of me without them,even once
You want me to accept your judgements 
And consider myself a toy with no sentiments.
You want me to adjust and sacrifice 
So that you can call me a girl. 
Your ego shrinks whenever I rise higher than you 
You want me to seek your permission for whatever I do 
You want my hue to be fair 
And in my eyes you always expect care
So that you can call me a girl.
Now, I'll just proclaim to you 
I possess a voice louder than yours 
A heart pure than yours 
I can roar like a lioness 
On your slightest endeavour to subdue me
And snatch my share of happiness 
If ever you try to manipulate my emotional fortitude 
And attempt cracking me in miniscule pieces 
Beware, I can stand staunch as a rock 
I’m not a lifeless doll in this societal space
My existence holds more substance than words can describe 
I am alive! So consider, before you call me a girl. 

- वेदांशी शाह

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वेदांशी शाह

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